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Very soon, we will be releasing spontaneous composition (i.e., improvisation) instruction videos. If you would like to receive up to 4 free instruction videos, please sign up on our mailing list.

Our CD called Alternate Dimensions Series I is available FREE to the public!  Please click here to download these songs.

The last commercial CDs released by Steve Coleman are entitled
Functional Arrhythmias, The Mancy of Sound and Harvesting Semblances & Affinities

'Resistance is Futile' should be available in America soon and is already released in Europe and Japan.  As far as I know the 'The Ascension to Light' has not been released in America.  The best way to purchase these CDs right now is probably on the Internet through CDnow (www.cdnow.com), CDUniverse (www.cduniverse.com) or Amazon.com, however 'The Ascension to Light' seems to be very difficult to find so I may just put up Mp3 versions of this CD.    Downloads of Mp3 files have resumed here!

This site is educational in nature and is primarily concerned with the dissemination of information on and related to M-Base. In the future much of the content of this site will deal with musical ideas and some suggestions for expressing yourself using music.

For more commercial information please visit M-Base.com

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The Sweet Science: Floyd Mayweather and Improvised Modalities of Rhythm

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